Frequently asked questions

Q. If the program can make you millions, why will you sell the product and not keep it for your own use?

A. This is a TOOL for assisting in making informed selections, its not a tipping program. Each person will perceive it differently and find different strengths in what the program has to offer.

Q. Is online gambling in South Africa legal?

A. Online gambling is perfectly legal in South Africa. This includes casino, horse and any form of pair-mutuel betting. There are however many online casino sites such as those found here at that permit SA players to enjoy playing traditional games of chance for free or real money.

 Q. Why does the program have 2 boxes with some on top and some at the bottom?

A. Horses are put into either the top or the bottom box based on criteria that shows that more than 80% of the winners come from the top box.

Q. Which is more important, speed or points?

A. Speed has more value over distances that are 1400m or less and has great effect on certain courses – this will be discovered through experience. Points are credited according to the recent form of the horse. The two cannot really be compared, both are should be considered when making a decision, i.e. a horse with the highest speed and points should be an efficient indication.

NOTE: In a horse race, the basic equation that is supposed to do the job goes something like this....

The fastest horse(SR) with most ability(AR) with the least weight(KG) that has a good merit drop and is racing fit with some good recent form should do well. All these values are provided by the Formrater Program.