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    The home of the most advanced and complete computer handicapping system

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    The colourful formrater interface makes selections a breeze.

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    Formrater covers all South African racetracks as well as Mauritius and Zimbabwe

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    Use formrater for all your exotic bets, open a account, sit on your couch and watch them win on Teletrack

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    If there is something special about a horse, formrater will display it in colours so you can easily spot it.

Welcome to the home of Computerised Handicapping


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Watch youtube video on how to download racecards, get latest odds and select a race

Formrater is an innovative horseracing program that provides you with all you need to know to make the best bet in every race. Accurate information regarding horses’ performance levels, trainer profiles, track records and more, is made available at the simple click of a button.

The Formrater software has been rigorously tested & developed over 15 years. This program uses complex algorithms to process large amounts of data traced from every possible outlet relative to the horses & trainers participating in a specific race. Race cards, tracks, odds, speed, ability and points are all processed into the system to create a concise source of information, that is accurate from a technical perspective yet user-friendly for both the average individual and professional punter alike.

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Formrater offers no gimmicks or false claims, hence we don't keep unnecessary stats. You use the program first during the trial period and if you are happy, you can subscribe at very minimal costs. 

For those who are unsure about the advantages of Formrater, we also offer a 14-day trial for free so that you can experience the Formrater in its full potential. Thereafter you are under no obligation to subscribe for a permanent slot. Formrater Systems invites you to join our new age family and be a part of the future in horseracing software.

For your added convenience, download our easy-to-use Help File for a step-by-step guide on all you need to know about Formrater. The Formrater System is a priceless resource that gives any punter the most intellectual advantage in every race!